CalAmp TTU-720 Professional Installation Guide

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The CalAmp TTU-730 is a tracker for non-powered assets. Non-powered asset trackers rely exclusively on their own power.
Examples of non-powered assets include generators, pumps, lighting stands, sand bins, fracking tanks and trailers.

Step 1 | Identification

  1. Record the ESN Number (this will be used to identify the asset during the setup).720_Image_3.png


Step 2 | Installation

Do not remove the magnet until installation is complete.

  1. Find a suitable mounting location for the asset tracker.
    The best location for fitting a GPS tracking device has an unobstructed view of the sky, avoids any moving parts and is not exposed to road debris.Mounting_locations.pngGood locations include:
    • Front rail on 5th wheel trailer
    • Hitch rail on ball/pintle trailer
    • Top channel on 48' trailer
    • Under trailer deck
      • This location may be suitable for a flatbed trailer, but is likely unsuitable for an enclosed trailer.The greater access the unit has to open sky, the better it will be able to lock into GPS satellites and connect to the cellular network.
  2. Use the supplied stainless self-tapping screws as required.
    Pre-drilled holes are recommended when using the supplied stainless self-tapping screws.


Step 3 | Configure the asset tracker

  1. Once mounted, remove the magnet.
    Removing the magnet will turn the asset tracker on.
    The asset tracker then sends the first plot to Reveal and will not report again for  about 24 hours.

  2. To change the plot time replace magnet for 2 minutes, then remove and verify again.
  3. Verify all assets are reporting properly. 
    If any assets are not reporting apply the magnet for 2 minutes and remove again - verify asset reports into Reveal.

Step 4 | Verify operation     

Call support at 866.908.1165 or Log into Reveal Hardware Installer to verify operation.

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Minimum Device Requirements

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