CalAmp LMU-3030 Professional Installation Guide

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This guide covers 2 types of installations.

  • Basic plug-in installation
  • Optional Y-cable installation

Step 1 | Identification


  1. Record ESN number.
    Depending on modem type, record one of the following:
    • IMEI number
    • MSN-D number

Step 2 | Installation - Plug In


  1. Locate OBD-II port.
    Low on drivers side dash.
  2. Plug Device into OBD-II port.
  3. Skip to Step 6 | Verify operation.

Step 3 | Installation - With Optional Y Cable        


  1. Locate and remove OEM OBD-II connector.
  2. Install Y harness where the OEM OBD-II connector was removed.
  3. Plug OEM OBD-II connector into Y harness.
    Use or remove included bracket as necessary.

Step 4

  1. Select a location for the device to be secured.
    • Device should be secured using wire ties or industrial type velcro.
    • Device should be secured with the label up or having clear sight out of the vehicle.
    • Device will work through most materials with the exception of metal, do not place directly under metal.
  2. Plug the remaining (long) end into the device

Step 5 | Installation With Optional Y Cable     


Recommended placement is in the A pillar, or behind the instrument panel.

Step 6 | Verify operation

Call support at 866.908.1165 or Log into Reveal Hardware Installer to verify operation.

Monday - Saturday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Minimum Device Requirements

To download Verizon Hardware Installer, visit:

For assistance using the Reveal Hardware Installer app, please see the Quick Start Guide.


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