Replace the Equipment Asset Tracker battery pack

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This document applies only to the two asset tracking devices designed by Verizon Connect. It does not apply to third-party asset tracking devices.

The Equipment Asset Tracker (EAT) device relies on the equipment asset to which it is installed as its primary power source. It includes an internal, non-rechargeable battery pack as its secondary/backup power source.

The Equipment Asset Tracker - Battery (EAT-B) device uses an internal, non-rechargeable battery pack as its only power source.

The battery packs for both devices are replaceable. The battery packs are not interchangeable, that is, you must use the battery pack specific to each device.


Battery Description

Part Number (MMID)

Equipment Asset Tracker (EAT)

Shrink-wrapped pack of 3 L91 batteries; Total capacity approximately 9000 mA


Equipment Asset Tracker - Battery (EAT-B)

Shrink-wrapped pack of 6 L91 batteries; Total capacity approximately 18,000 mA



Tools needed to replace the battery pack

  • 5/16” hex head driver to remove the device from mounting on the equipment
  • 2mm hex head driver or Allen key to remove the device’s back panel

Replacing the battery pack

  1. Remove the device from its mounting on the equipment.
  2. Remove the device back cover.


  3. Unplug the battery lead and remove the old battery pack. (Wait 20 seconds before plugging a battery pack back in. This allows the device's circuit board to clear.)
  4. Place the new battery pack in the device, taking care not to crimp the battery lead wires, and plug in the battery lead.
  5. With the battery pack lead plugged back in, the device should wake, and the LEDs should light up. If not, press the device status button to wake the device. The battery LED should indicate that the device is powered on and flash 4 times to indicate the battery level is at full capacity.
  6. Re-attach the device’s back cover with screws.
  7. Remount the device on the equipment.

Replacing the device back cover (if needed)

If needed, the device back panel can also be ordered to replace a damaged or lost back panel.

As with the battery packs, the back panels for the EAT device and the EAT-B device are different parts and are not interchangeable.


Part Description and Part Number

Part Number (MMID)

Equipment Asset Tracker (EAT)

Replacement Back Cover 920-500146-001


Equipment Asset Tracker - Battery (EAT-B)

Replacement Back Cover



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